Siyris, Inc. — The future begins in the present.

Siyris, Inc. — The future begins in the present.

June 21, 2022

Exploring an Abundant Future

As humanity navigates into an age of great acceleration of technological advancements, macro-technical inflection points like the fusion of life with technology, universal basic income, and the untethered breakout of emerging technologies from the AI frontier, we recognize that we are accelerating up a different cliff face, enriched by the possibilities provided by new tools, ways of collaboration, and everyone increasingly being connected to one another. A new collective has been growing in the world as technologies take us beyond slow and cumbersome evolutionary change into abrupt transformative change. The evolution of human consciousness towards a more enlightened species is underway, and people are collaborating in new ways to continue to shape ideologies as allegories for what we think could, could not, and should become. Every individual plays a role in advancing consciousness that can be positive, destructive, or benign; it’s up to all of us, working as one, to pull our collective s**t together.

Breaking The Cycle

Technology in the 21st century has revolutionized the ways we interact with one another. Despite how beneficial these technologies can be, why are the leading platforms seemingly polarized and echo-chambered? For most people’s feeds, it would appear there are fewer innovative ideas and an increasing amount of algorithmic bias. There seems to be a dramatic need to re-iterate how people create, connect, and share their thoughts in constructive and inclusive ways. At Siyris, Inc., our goal is to pave a new way forward and to that end, let’s break down what The Hub is and how we plan to create an ecosystem that furthers this goal.

Early preview of The Hub, expect changes as we move closer to beta.

Introducing The Hub

The Hub is, at its core, a canvas for expression where individuals or communities are empowered to co-create and share new ways of thinking. From the ground up, we designed The Hub as an inclusive platform where everyone can create and share their ideas with others in ways that were previously inaccessible to individuals without specific skill sets. The Hub provides intuitive interfaces to interact with emerging technologies like AI-assisted generative art, including 3d modeling and animations, and numerous other creative categories like music, coding, story-telling, and more. The Hub facilitates collaboration and allows individuals and communities to engage with other like-minded people who are working towards a common goal. We hope to swiftly chart a way forward through this process of enabling collaborative expression. We believe in using AI technology to empower the average individual to create and share ways to move faster towards our goal of causing a revolution in society — the notion of a new post-scarcity society that gives humanity exposure to previously impossible concepts.

Open Standards & Community-Building

Unlike other generalized social networks, the goals of The Hub are inherently aligned with our particular communities’ beliefs. We believe that a key part of our collective ascension is shifting focus away from the idea of what’s “Trending” to what’s “Innovative.” To accomplish this, we are working alongside established and new conceptual artists, musicians, coders, photographers, storytellers, and more, to create a platform that will enable these collaborations and open discussion on new ideas. We invite new and established creative individuals to reach out and become a pioneer of the future, using The Hub to tell your stories and share your visions.

Coming up…

In the next blog, I’ll be breaking down the more technical aspects of The Hub, including how we plan to make The Hub and all technologies free for everyone, how we enable creators to earn, and how we are using various Web3 technologies to ensure the longevity of the content shared.

Until next time, stay blessed!

~ Siyris

Want to get involved? Be sure to stop by our Discord and join our growing community as we work to bring The Hub to all. Perhaps you have an idea you’d like to share, we’d love to listen.